Wilderness School

Hello readers!

This is my post about my school. (Wilderness)

We start school at 8:30am and finish school at 3:15am.

From Monday-Thursday the first thing we have is form. This is where we take the role, Mrs. Bradford talks about some articles on sustainability (we are doing sustainability in HASS) then we do touch typing, but on Monday we write in our gratitude journals.

On Fridays form isn’t until the lesson before lunch, so in the morning we have an extra 15 minutes before we go to recess, school still finishes at 3:15pm though.

Our class subjects are: maths, english, artemis (our new subject), HASS, science and digital technology (DTE).

Our specialist subjects are: french, music, drama (our play we are doing is Alice in Wonderland), music, production, chinese, art, library and physical eduction (P.E).

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