This is a picture of the China flag. It has 1 big yellow star in the top left corner with 4 smaller yellow flags surrounding it.
China is in the Eastern part of Asia and is in the Northern Hemisphere.
China’s capital city is Beijing. Beijing has been an integral part of China over the past eight centuries.
The population of China is 1,439,324,000 (rounded off to the nearest thousand).
The official Chinese language is Mandarin, more than 70% of the Chinese population speak Mandarin but there are also, several others that speak different languages. such as Cantonese.
The Chinese currency is yuan. 1 Chinese yuan equals 20 Australian cents (12th of Feb).
A connection Australia has with China is that we are good two-way trading partners in good services.
An interesting fact about China is that it is the most populous country in Asia with 1,439,323,776 people in 2020.
Some of China’s neighboring countries are:
  • Vietnam is south of China.
  • Nepal is south-west of China
  • Mongolia is north of China



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